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There are framed kites and soft kites. A Flowform is a soft kite (without frame and sticks), it gets the form and shape as the wind blows through it. The kite can be packed into a small bag. Quick to get into air and easy to carry with you in your back-pack.

A soft kite many KAPers are recommending are named Sutton FlowForm. An other FlowFlorm sold in Europe is HQ FlowForm that is cheaper, but heavier than Suttons, which make them require more wind. I finally ordered an HQ FlowForm 2. 
Now with some experience from this kite I now it is working, especially in 6-9 meter per second wind.
The size if the kite is about 1,5m x 2m and has an area of 2,7 square meters.
The kite becomes very steady when reaching an altitude above tree tops. Usually 50-100m kiteline is needed to get good views. However, the kiteline I use has a length of 200m.



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