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This site is a set of pages and pictures telling about Kite Aerial Photography, using a kite to do aerial photography. The idea of Kite Aerial Photography, or "KAP", was something I just happened slip into when surfing the web. After realizing this is doable I was sold for the idea. Before I never enjoyed windy days, those we have plenty of here at the west coast in Finland (map), but after having finalized the first KAP equipment, windy days have become just lovely days. In contrast to having my eyes tied to the computer screen, I started to put my eye in the sky whenever there was a chance to. 

In addition to documenting the equipment I have been using, this site also serves as a picture gallery from my neighborhood in this end of the world, which might make it a little more unique.

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The need of a kite was quite obvious as I decided to give KAP a try. To make my own kite was beyond my interest, so I was looking around in kite-shops to find something good. With the help from KAP resources on the net I knew that single line kites are very usable and especially some models that are good lifters.

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In order to attach the camera to the kite line, a special "Rig" is needed. I built my first rig combining ideas from several sources. The goal was to make a cheap rig to get a taste of what KAP is in reality. For this a simple Pocket Film Camera was used. The camera was put into a cradle of wood equipped with a mechanical timer.




After only a month of use, I was already working on the second rig with a digital camera and remote control for controlling the shutter from ground.

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And now ready to go! Just find a day with good wind conditions and an open place where to make the shooting.


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Thank you for visiting my site. You are most welcome to drop a line in my guestbook or send an e-mail to me. Maybe you live in my area and would like to have pictures from your own house lot? Please do not hesitate to contact me!

New! KAP på Strömsö! 28.10.2007 Nice web-page and video clip!

arch.ced.berkeley.edu/kap/  Good and informative site about KAP.

www.kapshop.com  when you want to get familiar with or buy well-proved KAP equipment

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