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Aerial Pictures

RIG-2 pictures  

First shots from some open fields "Soderfjärden" close to my home. See the car down there on left picture! (See a satellite picture of Soderfjärden on Google Maps).
Now some real works closer to buildings in my home village Sundom
Left: Windmill: the landmark of Sundom, Right: Senior's home
<- Left: Fria Kristliga Folkhogskolan, Vasa

-> Right: Tree tops in a park "Kaserntorget" in Vasa

More from "Kaserntorget"
Action over water!
<- Left: Yearly Market day "Sundom marknaden" 2006

-> Right: The best house in the village!


RIG-1 pictures

First pictures of myself from the air! 
A place for small boats close to Vaasa.
Left:Water park Tropiclandia in Vaasa.

Right: A giant maze built for the Night of the Art in Vaasa.


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