KAP - Kite Aerial Photography

Action pictures

Let the kite go up 10-30 meters to a stable altitude (the wind is usually turbulent at the ground). Attach the rig with its wires to the kite line in two pints (picture) and let the camera go up by letting out 30-100 meters more line.
Try to see where the camera locates relative to the scene or target, move around on the ground or let out more line until the location is ok. Now the kite line can be anchored to something steady on the ground (bi-cycle, car, tree, fence- or lamppost) to relieve pressure from yourself.

You can easily reach the camera by walking by the kite line, pressing it down with your hands as you walk. Soon the camera will come down so you can re-position it (and advance the film and reset the timer if there is no remote control). Then just take your hand from the kite line and the camera will in no time go up to the same position again as the anchor place has not changed.

In harder winds the car is a perfect place to tie the kite line to off-load yourself. If the anchor place need to be adjusted, just move the car around (slowly ;-) as the kite and camera is up.
Tested to start video recording on the camera during a session...


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